«Marqis»: the rug store the UK has never seen before

What could be better than renewing your home with a new rug for the season? You can find everything you need for your office, bedroom, drawing room and more. Your house could have carpets from other countries, such as Italy, France, India, Belgium and Turkey.

Four reasons to buy rugs in online store «Marqis»

  • Variety. Here you can choose between the exclusive items in the price bracket of your choice.
  • Frequent renewal. New models replenish the collection on continuing basis.
  • Sell-offs. Find your best offer and buy the rug you like for a song!
  • Warranty. Your purchase is protected with two types of warranty.

What about the price of carpets and rugs?

We possess a few extremely important features that allow YOU to save money:

  • Pragmatic approach: we deal directly with manufacturers
  • Solid experience: the most optimal logistics makes it possible to offer a cheap delivery
  • Uniqueness: just take a glance at our rugs and you will see the difference

Explore the website to get the additional information about delivery methods and range of goods.

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